Sonntag, 2. August 2015

One year with my mini 1/4" La Passion

Today I will show you how fast (or really slow) this work is. The first picture is my mini La Passion a year ago, and the other picture is right now. It's not going fast. Maybe there can be more blogposts here showing how much you've done in a year?

Anyone else who takes this challenge?


  1. So beautiful your little La Passion. The hexies are so tiny.
    Greetings, Manuela

  2. I love your little La Passion. Looks wonderful.

  3. It is a very neat Version - and so tiny!
    I like your fabrics. The Colors as well as the pattern that is not crammed.
    I always prefer fresh styles

  4. I think you have accomplished a lot in one year. I can´t constantly work on the same project I like the variety. Mine doesn´t grow as fast as yours, but I will keep in mind to take another photo in a year and post about it then.

  5. Love this! No I'm not up for that 1/4 in. challenge, happy to watch and read your journey!